This week I’ll be performing in a live Zoom performance while sheltering-in-place…



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The Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre presents “Frame by Frame – the 2020 Thesis Festival,” featuring three groundbreaking works of theatre created by this year’s graduating MFA class. The Thesis Festival marks the culmination of three years of graduate study by an international ensemble of theatre artists. MAY 14, 16,  21 & 23 at 8:00 PM PST.

Please check here for updates and how to access the production: 


“Disparities.” created and performed by
Delilah Stowers, Dionna Fletcher, and Everson Ndlovu.

Everyone is caught in a dream of ideas that don’t accept, respect and honor the diverse complexion of Mother Earth. Oppressors have created a longstanding color of law and culture to separate, isolate and dehumanize People of Color mentally, physically and spiritually. Domesticated by the oppressive human hierarchy, these second-class citizens experience and express the lack of humanism and social justice which has tainted their existence. It is disquieting to desire to navigate the system and a powerless paradox while facing it. How do they continue transforming this darkness into light?

I am grateful to even have a home to shelter in among many other blessings. The arts will lead us out of these dark times and this production has certainly brought me through anxiety, sweat, and tears with my beloved life partner.

I dedicate this work to people of color who suffer and die at the hands of our oppressors. #WaitingforREPARATIONS after these stimulus checks.