Artistic Statement

“Theatre has nothing to do with buildings or other physical constructions. Theatre – or theatricality – is the capacity, this human property which allows man to observe himself in action, in activity. Man can see himself in the act of seeing, in the act of acting, in the act of feeling, the act of thinking. Feel himself feeling, think himself thinking.” – Augusto Boal


Photo Credit: Andrea Crews |

When I realized that I was indeed a walking, living, and breathing “theatre”, I began to develop a huge interest in all the other walking “theatres” and spent time people watching in New York City (my hometown) or earth watching at the beach in Delaware (my second home). I wanted to share this gift with young people so I created a mime ministry at my home church in Claymont, Delaware and to my surprise they still are observing and shaping their talents as mime artists! I find that continuing this work to observe, and create stories, call for a powerful, brew of inspiration, self-reflection and healing. All of my life experiences and theatrical training have definitely shaped my beliefs in theater.



o I believe that African storytelling, ceremonies and traditions are the foundations of theater.

o I believe theater is for social change and that “community” is a synonym for “theater”. 

o I believe that the instructions for a body are simpler than mankind defines.

o I believe that the body is the most powerful tool of theater; it reveals non-verbal communication as the first exchange, the body as plural and the window to ones truth.

o I believe that physical theater is for spiritual healing.

o I believe that devised theater is a more organic way to find truthfulness in the moment.